Archery Lessons and Events

Teaching kids archery at the Pleasanton Scottish Games

Archery is fun and family-friendly and at Predator's Archery, we strive to make our store and indoor shooting range a safe environment for everyone to learn and practice archery. We provide various levels of instruction for the first-time archer orientation, new bow owner, and beginner to advanced topics for the target shooter and bowhunter.

If you're interested in teaching archery, we also provide NFAA/NAA certified training and certification.

We do events too! If you want to incorporate archery at your next event and need equipment and instructors, call us for availability and pricing.

Lesson Information and Pricing

Lessons are available for groups, families, and individuals at our shop. Equipment is provided for those who do not have their own.

  • Buy your bow from Predator’s Archery and receive 5 free lessons.
  • Lesson rates are $20 per person, and drop to $10 per person for groups of 4 or more.
  • Have a large group such as scout troops or church groups? Call us for group rates.

Please note that all archery lessons require pre-registration, no walk-ins. Call us at 408-842-7733 to schedule your lesson.

Lesson Packages are available. Buy 4 classes and get 1 free. This is perfect for those who want additional coaching beyond the first 5 lessons, if you're looking to change styles, or a coach to help correct old habits.

Predator's Partners with Gilroy Recreation Department

Predator's Archery also offers lessons through the Gilroy Recreation Department for both Gilroy city residents and non-residents. Visit the City of Gilroy Recreation Department's website to find out start dates, costs, and to register.

What to Expect in Your lessons

First-time Archer Orientation – this lesson is designed for those interested in learning what archery is all about and archers who have never shot a bow before.  We focus on providing the basics of the different types of bows (recurve versus compound; fingers versus release, etc), understanding your eye dominance, basic shooting form, range rules, and archery safety.  This lesson will give the student a general feel for the sport.

New Bow Owner and Beginner Archery - We want you to be started the right way in archery and achieve success from the very beginning.  This lesson is designed for archers who just got their bow and/or are still new to the sport.  We focus on understanding the different parts of your new bow, get more in-depth with shooting form, how to get sighted in (for bows utilizing sights), and begin to explore the physics of archery to explain that “where you aim and where you hit are never the same place”.

Advanced Topics – This lesson is geared for the seasoned archer who might be experiencing issues like “target panic”, wants to do some form tuning to work out any bad habits picked up, or to learn proper ways to make the switch to new bow accessories such as going from pins to a scope, or a wrist release to a thumb release.