Predator’s Winter Spot League


Predator's Winter Spot League will run from the week of October 18th thru the week of January 24th.  
* 15 week league, 3 "bye" weeks for holidays (can do "make-ups" during "byes").
* Open to ALL skill levels & experiences!  No better way to improve than competeing!
* Cost: $140.  Must be paid BEFORE first week scores are due.
* 3 "league days" to choose from:  Tues./Wed./Thurs.  Lanes are reserved for league 11:00AM & 7:00PM on those days.  You choose which day to shoot.
* Shoot as many rounds/night as you wish, submit your best score
* Sign-up & payments must be done thru the shop:  visit or call today!  408-842-7733.

League Admin: [email protected]
League Rules:  Winter Spot League Rules
League Weekly Score Report Form: Report Form


League Rules

* Please find the rules that we'll follow for this league here.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the league admins!  Feedback is always appreciated!
* Score are DUE each week by 7:00PM on Saturday of that week.  See the announcements below for details on submitting scores.

* The "Weekly Kitty" - what is that?  This is just a "fun" angle to shooting your weekly scores!  This is open to all league participants (it is NOT required to participate, each participants decides if that want to "play") - at the start of the week, you put $5 and YOUR NAME into the "Weekly Kitty" box.  At the end of the week, we'll video the opening of the criteria for the week (it'll typically be secret).  The person that qualifies wins the contents (i.e. $$$) of the "Kitty" for that week.  😁  It's just for fun, you choose if you want to play each week.

Simple steps...
1. Decide if you want to play the "Weekly Kitty".  This is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.
2. If you do, put $5 cash + write your name on the paper in the Kitty.
3. Shoot your regular weekly score.
4. Report your weekly score.
5. Watch for video posted on Predator's Facebook page Saturday evening that reveals the winner for the week!



* Weekly Score Submission:  Participants MUST submit their scores electronically EACH WEEK!  The link to the submission page is here and there is also a QR code in both the North and South range that is a link to the submission form.  Just point your phone's camera app at the QR code and it should present a website URL, tap on that to load the submission form.  Fill it out, and submit!  We will still keep a paper copy of scores, but the OFFICIAL score each week is what the participant enters.  Once you enter that score, that's it for the week.  So, make it your best!  Here's the link to the submission form:Winter Spot League Score Report Form