Bow Services

New Bow Setup

When you purchase your bow from Predator’s, your bow will be adjusted to fit the new owner for free. This includes setting the appropriate draw weight and draw length. In addition, we’ll setup all your new accessories for the bow such as the sights, rests, straps, etc. If you’re upgrading bows, we’ll transfer all the accessories from your old bow to your new one. Didn’t buy your bow from Predator’s? That’s ok, we’ll setup your bow for a reasonable price.

Basic Setup:


Basic setup includes installing sight, rest, and other accessories.

Setup of draw length, peep height, weight adjustment and fitting the bow to the shooter.

Bow Tuning and General Bow Maintenance

How do you know if your bow is shooting at peak performance? Come by our shop and we can tune it up so that your bow hits where you aim it! Whether it is bad cam timing, broken strings, fall away rests that don't drop or peeps that won't turn, we've fixed them all!

Full Tune:


A full tune includes everything from the basic setup, plus timing of cams, centershot, leveling sight, and paper tuning the bow. This also covers all other labor such as installing strings, swapping cams, and general repairs.



String Services

Note: String and Cable Set, Includes installation, set up and tuning


Standard Fast flight strings:

Single main string: $20

Recurve String: $20

Solo cam or dual cam bows, full set: $65

Premium pre-stretched set:

(Winners Choice, First String, America’s Best, Vapor Trail)

Solo Cam $105 standard colors, $125 custom color.

Dual cam $115 standard color, $135 custom color.

Dual cams with yolks $165

Peep Installation:

Free if purchased here.

$5.00 if purchased elsewhere.

Center Serving:


End Serving:


Sight Leveling:

Free if purchased here.

$15.00 if purchased elsewhere.

Arrow Services

Custom Arrows

We build our arrows on site to your exact order. Why have to deal with all the hassle of cutting arrows, buying the supplies and jigs to fletch arrows? We have the cutters, jigs, and experienced fletchers to get your arrows done quickly and correctly.

Cut and Insert Arrows:

$0.50 per arrow

For arrows you bring in with your own inserts.  If inserts and/or points are needed, extra charges will apply.

Re-fletch arrows:

$2.25 per arrow with plastic vanes

$3.25 per arrow with feathers

Installation Services

NOTE: All parts purchased at Predator’s Archery include free installation.



$5, if leveling is required $15





Module replacement:

$10 (customer supplied module)

Draw length adjustment:


Bow poundage adjustment:


Putting on strings due to bow derailment:

$20 (Provided strings are in working condition and no other damage is present)

Predator's Archery Special Services

On-Site Master Coaches

Do you want to see what archery is all about? Did you just get a bow and want to know what to do with it? Would you like to get some expert advice on how to shoot your best? We have several onsite coaches to help with all skill levels. Call us to make an appointment for a lesson and our experienced coaching staff will work with you one on one to help you become a better archer! See the Lessons page for more information.

We come to you!

We offer archery services for events such as corporate team-building events, birthday parties, church groups, and various youth events such as girl scouts and boy scouts. If you would like to learn more about having an archery activity at your event, call us or email us through our website contact form to learn about pricing and availability.