Introducing Our New Website

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Predator’s Archery is pleased to announce the launch of our latest website.

The new website features a better mobile-friendly design which allows for easy loading and navigation of our website’s key features, those of which include:


We are deploying an events calendar integration that will connect all events across all of our trusted partners in Archery and that can allow our customers to register, pay, and track their archery events in real-time. This new events portal replaces the old website’s google spreadsheet tracking system and allows for end-users and other archery organizations to add, edit, and manage their own events on our website.

Lesson Registration

Our new Lesson Scheduling page is accessible on the main page or through the menu up top under lessons and support. The new scheduling page allows for easy new user registration with our online booking supplier, Bookeo, and seamless lesson scheduling in-line with the old website’s functionality. This page has also been optimized for better mobile support which will allow for easy lesson registration on devices besides tablets or a computer.

Support Requests

It has never been easier to reach out to Predator’s Archery for instant support. While you can always call us at 408-842-7733, our new contact form on our contact page lets you send an instant alert to our staff that you need assistance with a service or product we offer.

Our New Gallery Page

Come check out our new gallery page and see what we are up to. This page features images from our store’s Flickr account and will be maintained and updated alongside our Instagram feed.

Our Online Store

We recently launched our new online store. It features products from our main store supplier Kinsey’s in addition to custom-made products from our store and in-store-only items. We are excited to offer almost 14,000 different archery products on our online store.

We hope you enjoy our new website. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us on what needs improving, feel free to tell us in person at the store or use our contact form to reach out to us.