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Did you get a new bow or bow accessories that you bought at another store or from an online source that requires setup?

Bring the bow and the parts to one of our bow technicians to have it setup for you. If you want to watch how it's done, if time allows you may be able to learn how it's done.

Did you buy a used compound bow from a friend, e-bay, or other source?

Bring the bow in before shooting it to have it reviewed to ensure it is safe to shoot in addition to have it setup to fit you. If the bow was dry-fired (meaning it was drawn back and released without an arrow loaded), it could've caused serious damage to the cams and limbs that may not be as obvious as seeing a derailment of the strings. Any damage to the bow could lead to a potentially unsafe situation for the archer and those nearby when the bow is shot. We can repair and/or replace parts if needed under most circumstances.

Old bows should definitely have a once over by a bow technician not only to look for damage but also to gauge other work that the bow may need. Older bows often need new strings and/or their axles replaced or lubricated.

Most newer bows can be configured to fit the archer. For bows that have the capability of adjustments, we can reconfigure the bow to ensure that it fits your draw-length and is a comfortable pull weight. In addition, we can also setup your bow correctly with any added/changed accessories such as a new rest, sight, strap, stabilizer, or strings.

If you're new to archery, we also have lessons available so you can learn how to safely and effectively use your new bow. See the lessons page for more information about how to get signed up for a class.

Don't forget about the arrows! Correctly matched arrows are needed for the bow to achieve full benefit and accuracy. You can take a good low cost bow and use high end matched arrows and achieve supreme accuracy. But, you cannot take the "world's greatest bow" and use poorly matched arrows and expect to group them accurately. In reality, the arrows are more important than the bow.

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